Press Release: Digest Africa teams up with Vasights Data & Research

Digest Africa is happy to announce a partnership with Vasights Data & Research, a start-up based in Nairobi, Kenya, that provides technical expertise in data science, research, and GIS. 

The partnership is centred around developing activities aimed at improving and expanding data products for Digest Africa's insightful analytics that will be consumed by the private and public companies interested in information about the African startup ecosystem. 

The partnership, plus all the other strategic partnerships that Digest Africa has entered, including Crunchbase, Startup Recipe and Africa Global Funds, shows our commitment to shedding a light on and removing information asymmetry about African entrepreneurs and businesses. In the process we shall unlock more capital and resources into the African ecosystem. Africa continues to attract less than 1% of global venture funding despite growth year on year in venture funding.

Vasights, based in both Kenya and Uganda, partners with various African NGOs and businesses that may lack the expertise to generate actionable insights from their data. Vasights supports their data analytics, research, and GIS projects while building their capacity at the same time.

Vasights leverages its core values of innovation and technology to build sustainable systems that generate actionable insights for the organisations they  work with. Vasights shall leverage and use its technology to showcase the depth of actionable insights powered by Digest Africa's data.

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