Digest Africa teams up with Startup Recipe as part of Global Media Partnership to jointly share news, insights and data about African startups. 

Digest Africa is partnering with Startup Recipe, a global news platform to connect Korean startups to the world. The global service came out for Korean entrepreneurs who were looking for an opportunity to be exposed to the global market. The platform also helps global investors to find promising Korean startups. For Digest Africa, the partnership also allows for benchmarking of data and sharing lessons from the rest of the world with African startups. This is on the back of the recent partnership signed between Crunchbase and Digest Africa which allows sharing of data and benchmarking of startups and companies between the two organisations.

Startup Recipe is a newsletter based service platform that is focused on startup news aiming to provide news, unique insights and expert analysis of the Korean startup ecosystem and tech industry. The articles and data found on the platform, written by experienced reporters with experience covering Korean startup and tech ecosystems, will document the most recent Korean startup trends and VC funding.

In the words of Seokwon Lee CEO of Media Recipe, "It is the place where you can access the most recent Korean startup trends and VC funding as well as connecting with Korean entrepreneurs."  

Partnering with more than 13 global media outlets across 11 countries, the startup is out to better connect Korean entrepreneurs and startups with the global community. 

Gloria Amayo in charge of research, content and partnerships at Digest Africa said that “Digest Africa is proud to announce that we are one of the partners with Startup Recipe and look forward to working together to continue shading the light on news, research, data and insights on the African investment ecosystem as we bridge the gap between funding into African businesses compared to the rest of the world.”  


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