Weekly Preview: MTN Venture Incubation Program & More

It is a brand new week. Another chance to give your startup your best. Last week was filled with a lot of activity that we were spoilt for choice on what to recommend. This week is different; Very little activity but we hope you can find value in what we're to recommend.


Venture Incubation Program

Piloted last year, this program is in its second year of running. It is open for applications twice every year. The program is open to all startups across the African continent, yet majority of participants are South African-based startups.

This is understandable given that it requires the founders to participate full time which is quite a challenge to most early stage African startups whose founders are the back-borne.

From the look at earlier participants like AgriApps, Neural Sense, OneMoola, Last Mile for BoP, Utyre, Chat2Brand, and FeastFox, this program is suitable for early stage startups looking for guidance.

Applications are closing on 1st June 2017.

Prof. Mulwana Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards

In remembrance of one of Uganda's greatest businessmen of all-time, this award aims at rewarding startups that are looking to scale.

We recommend startups that have a proven concept and can explain what they need the financial injection from the Award for. The Application deadline is 15th June 2017


World Bank Uganda Public Open Day

The World Bank is holding an open day to let you know more about their activities in the country and world over. However, this open day has much more than what most people think.

We recommend that those who haven't yet registered their businesses, those looking for information about World Bank grants as well as interacting with past winners do attend this event. The event is free and taking place on the 30th May 2017 at Kololo Airstrip.

Up Accelerate Pitch Day

Finally, the teams that were selected for the next stage of the second cycle of Up Accelerate shall be pitching their ideas to a panel of judges tomorrow. From these, four finalist teams shall be selected.

At this very event, the teams that went through for the previous cohort shall also hold their demo day. It is a great event for those that were not successful at earlier stages to find out more on what they did wrong as well as for those who are passionate about Sexual Reproductive Health. It is an opportunity to see and interact those innovating in that space.

The event is taking place on the 30th May 2017 at Outbox Hub.

That's it for this week!

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