Weekly Preview: All that is Happening this Week

Every Monday, we bring you a list of activities that you should expect in the week ahead. However, there's not much activity this week. But, we have decided to point out these activities in case some people may be interested.

  1. Developer Circles Kampala

For their third meetup, Developer circles have lined up Magali Balaud, a product manager at Sellio and David Okwii, a systems specialist. The meetup will take place at Outbox tomorrow, 19/09/2017. Find details about the event here.

2. Intercommunity 2017

This is organized by Internet Society and they'll be celebrating 25 years of existence. Uganda's Helda Mary Akongo, as well as Bazil Mwotta, were among the 25 under 25 who are using the internet for the better and shall be honored in Los Angeles. She traveled with Evelyn Namara to Los Angeles to attend the event that'll be taking place tomorrow, 19/05/2017. However, you can keep tabs with all that'll take place as long as you have access to the internet. Click here for further details.

3. Digital Impact Awards

The 4th Digital Impact Awards Africa will take place on Friday 22nd September 2017 at Kampala Serena Hotel. For details and bookings, click here!

4. Expo 2017

This expo is aimed at bringing together practitioners, consumers and policy makers in the transport and insurance sectors. Some of the notable exhibitors include SafeBoda, Uber, NITA, UCC etc. The expo will take place from 21st-23rd September at Rail Way grounds behind Victoria University. Get more details here.

That's it for this week, let's meet next week!

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