The Daily Brief: Visa Everywhere Initiative winners, Ex-Andela joins Facebook

Here is a quick look at the top five stories of what has happened across the continent.

  1. HFC Launches Digital Banking Platform

What happened: HFC, a banking subsidiary of HF Group, has today launched a banking application for its clients in Kenya. This is a mobile app called HFC Whizz.

Why is this important: We are living in interesting times where banks are struggling to cope up with the rapid changes that are sweeping their industry. With the success of mobile money platforms, it is highly likely that banking for the majority in Sub-Saharan Africa Africa is going to be mobile in the long-run. Any company that wants to still be in business, therefore, it only makes sense to go in that direction.

HFC Launches Digital Banking Platform with Instant Loans and More - Techweez

2. Silicon Valley VC model doesn’t work in Africa

What happened: Manuel Koser, the managing director and co-founder of Silvertree Internet Holdings, emailed an article with the remarks that pointed out the fact that Africa or any other emerging market is different from Silicon Valley.

Why is it important: Many people in Africa have discussed the continent's startup ecosystem in comparison with the West - Silicon Valley to be more specific. This is perhaps those that are in the driving seat - even Africans - can trace their routes to that environment. This has taken away the uniqueness of the problems facing Africans which in turn has hindered crafting original solutions to such problems. However, Koser isn't the first person saying this. EchoVC's Eghosa Omoigui has re-echoed this message over and over.

Silicon Valley VC model doesn’t work in Africa, argues Silvertree Holdings man - Ventureburn

3. Ex-Google and Andela has joined Facebook

What happened: Chimdindu Aneke has joined Facebook from Andela and is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the growth and success of startups and developers in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

Why is this important: Big tech is doubling down on Africa. This can be seen in their recent activities. Now is the time for those who are building their solutions to evaluate how they align with those of Facebook, Google, Microsoft and more.

Ex-Google, Andela joins Facebook as Startup Programs Manager for Africa - Digest Africa

4. Visa everywhere initiative winners announced

What happened: Kenya's Mookh has emerged the overall winner of the Visa Everywhere Initiative Sub-Saharan Edition.

Why is this important: This is the very first edition for Sub-saharan Africa. Visa entering the market with such an initiative indicates the glaring opportunity the African continent still has. While as many thought the continent was getting crowded, entry of companies like Visa indicates otherwise.

Kenya’s Mookh emerges overall winner of the Visa Everywhere Initiative - Digest Africa

5. This website names and shames websites that don't use HTTPS

What happened: A new service built by Troy Hunt, information security consultant and founder of haveibeenpwned, with data from Scott Helme, also an information security consultant, lists popular websites from across the world (by country) that load over an insecure connection without redirecting to a secure, encrypted connection.

Why is this important: Online security is one of the topics taken seriously across Africa. However, with the ever-increasing data of Africans online, this is becoming risky. It is even riskier that most of the websites that are not secured are government websites.

This website names and shames websites that don't use HTTPS - iAfrikan

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