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Recently released research findings on the Uganda Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Initiative - carried out by Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), Center for Development Alternatives and Enterprise Uganda showed that despite the growth seen in the entrepreneurship space in the country over the past couple of years, a vast majority of Small and Growing Businesses in the country were still grappling with access to effective Business Development Services (BDS).

These are services or products offered to entrepreneurs at various stages of their business needs, aimed at skills transfer or business advice. Without a nose-dive into the technical and operational aspects of the businesses, its chances of gaining access to the much-needed finances are slim.

Even worse, without adequate support, any funds raised risk not being appropriated in the right ways if the business lacks a proper understanding of itself.

At Unreasonable East Africa, we understand that support to businesses goes far beyond giving them access to funds. Through our partnership support that spans 5 years, beginning with a 10 months program, we work closely with early-stage businesses to understand their challenges and growth ambitions. We then tap into our network of over 150 experts and investors to provide them with the resources to effectively address these challenges and set them up to grow in the right direction.

As a member of the UEA Alumni, you will remain plugged into our large network

from across the world and build lifelong business and personal relationships!

We are also excited to announce that in 2019, we will be rolling out an internal capital facility. Companies in our portfolio that are investment ready will be able to access up to $250,000 of capital. We shall, however, continue to facilitate additional capital through our extensive investor network.

Are you interested in joining us? We are currently recruiting for our 2018B cohort.

Visit the link here to apply. For more information on how we can support you, please reach out to Angela at

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