Ugandan podcast focused on technology is soon launching

A Ugandan podcast that will focus on technology and finance is set to launch. The hosts are two technology enthusiasts - Asindu Wilfred and Daniel Mwesigwa. Dubbed Vigilant Futurist, it'll also cover the latest trends in technology in Uganda.

"Vigilant means keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties," said Asindu. Adding that "Futurist means having or involving very modern technology or design".

The podcast will, thus, be "about how we can use available tools (in finance & tech) today to mitigate the incoming threats i.e poverty, lack of Individual sovereignty." According to Asindu, this was Daniel's idea.

So far, they have done a test run and will be ready to roll out very soon. "We did a test run on the 7 of July 2018 and hopefully Episode one will come out in a few weeks," said Asindu.

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Their plan is to release an episode a month with either one or both of them as the hosts.

Asked if they are planning to monetize the podcast, he told me that that's not their current plan. The fear is around the likely conflict of interest. Given that podcasts are usually monetized through adverts.

"This is an entirely self-funded, hobbyist venture," Asindu pointed out. Noting that "We currently will not take sponsorship to avoid conflicts of interest."

"For example, you simply can't expect us to give honest reviews on an MTN saga if they are the ones that pay for our lunch."

That's totally understandable. And, companies that might be willing to place adverts are usually the biggest players in an industry. But, in the end, to remain sustainable, questions about monetization will likely pop. The earlier they will be answered, the better.

Asindu is a blockchain enthusiast while Daniel Mwesigwa is a researcher with CIPESA. He is also part of the team that started consumer tech platform - Dignited.

If you'd like to catch them once in a while, then keep checking here. Or, we might let you know when the first episode is out.

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