Ugandan Energy Startup, Mandulis Energy, Endorsed by Kofi Anan, Strive Masiyiwa and Co.

Mandulis Energy has been named as one of Africa's most innovative solutions to Powering Africa! They were featured prominently in the Africa Progress Panel's Lights Power Action - Electrifying Africa Report March 2017 which is a follow-up on the 2015 report themed People Power Planet: Seizing Africa's Energy and Climate Opportunities.

The Africa Progress Panel consists of ten distinguished individuals from the private and public sectors who advocate for equitable and sustainable development for Africa. Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Nobel laureate, chairs the Africa Progress Panel and is closely involved in its day-to-day work. The other Panel members are Michel Camdessus, Peter Eigen, Bob Geldof, Graça Machel, Strive Masiyiwa, Linah Mohohlo, Olusegun Obasanjo, Robert Rubin and Tidjane Thiam.

The Africa Progress Panel brings about policy change through a unique combination of cutting-edge analysis, advocacy and diplomacy. The life experiences of Panel members give them a formidable capability to access the worlds of politics, business, diplomacy and civil society at the highest levels, globally and in Africa. As a result, the Panel functions in a unique policy space with the ability to influence diverse decision-makers.

It is in the Lights, Power, Action report that Mandulis Energy team was named one of top four Africa’s entrepreneurs leapfrogging to a low-carbon economy. Others included M-Kopa (with operations in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda), Sahelia Solar (with operations in Burkina Faso) and Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (with operations Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burkina Faso).

A quick look at the companies listed above will give you a clue that East Africa is leading other African regions when it come to the use of renewable and clean energy.

Mandulis Energy generates reliable and affordable electricity from agri /agro-processing waste for grid and off-grid communities in emerging markets. This they do through two arms; REPARLE (Renewable Energy Powering Agriculture and Rural Livelihood Enhancement) and EARTH ENERGY.

REPARLE is an off-grid rural electrification project in Uganda, led by the French NGO ACTED, and Mandulis Energy, with support from USAID's Power Africa program, and EARTH ENERGY is their 20MW grid-tied biomass power project in Gulu, Northern Uganda, which is backed by KfW, African Development Bank and Power Africa.

Towards the end of 2016, the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) approved on a $993,000 grant to Earth Energy, to prepare the first-ever biomass gasification project in the Uganda, expected to add 20 Megawatts of baseload power to the national grid.

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