These are the leading Ugandan accelerator programs

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These are the leading Ugandan accelerator programs

These are the leading Ugandan accelerator programs

Growth Africa participants in one of its sessions. Photo Credit: Growth Africa.

When you look at the growth in a number of hubs as well as the growth in the amount of funding raised over the past few years, though it has become sort of a cliche, there’s no doubt Uganda's startup scene is rising and rising.

Yet, despite the upward growth, startups still face a couple of challenges. Ranging from funding to mentorship. However, there are now a couple of programs cropping up that are helping tackle the mentorship issue.

As a startup founder, especially, there are a lot of benefits you can get from joining an accelerator program. That's why we've curated a list for you.

1. Unreasonable East Africa

One of the most consistent accelerators in Uganda, Unreasonable East Africa, UEA, offers a full-time 10 months programme. It focuses mainly on post revenue businesses with no bias towards any industry. Though, their program is a good fit for social businesses.

Since 2013, UEA has worked with 37 businesses across East Africa, who have raised US $15 million funding and have created over 1000 jobs. Their offices are located in Ntinda.

2. GrowthAfrica

Though headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, GrowthAfrica maintains an office in Uganda, too. The office is located at The Innovation Village in Ntinda. This means that they are now able to offer their program in Uganda.

Like Unreasonable, GrowthAfrica focuses on post-revenue businesses only. They have so far run 14 cohorts with entrepreneurs participating. According to GrowthAfrica, 152 startups have been accelerated to date and raised over US $44 Million in the process.

The program isn't biased towards any sector. Admitting startups from agribusiness, ICT, Healthcare & Wellness, clean & greentech, manufacturing and more. Though, looking at their portfolio, Agribusiness and IT companies tend to be favored.

3. Inccelerate

Inccelerate is a fusion between an incubator and accelerator. The program takes on individuals with or without ideas. These are then grouped and encouraged to work on an idea that can culminate in a startup. It was launched by Enstartup late last year.

Upon its launch, it took on its first cohort that will graduate this year. The program is suitable for recent university undergraduates who are looking to explore starting up. Or, if you are in your initial stages of starting up. Plus, they also offer you US $10,000 worth of resources for three months. They are located in Ntinda.

4. Imuka Ventures

Imuka Ventures is a social business learning accelerator program. A look at the program's portfolio implies that it is suitable for post-incubation startups or SMEs. Though, it focuses mainly on those with a social impact. Imuka is located at Makerere University.

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