Uber and Little are looking to launch operations in Rwanda

Ride-hailing companies Uber and Little are looking to enter Rwanda according to The New Times. The reports say that both have already approached Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA).

"Without divulging details, the Head of Transport at RURA, Eng. Emmanuel Asaba, told The New Times on Wednesday that Uber approached the regulatory body this year with an aim to start operations in the country."

“Well, Uber has approached Rwanda and as you know, this is a regulated service... they came to us and we gave them the [list of] requirements needed to get a licence and they are yet to come and fulfill the requirements and get the licence. Once they come and we check that whatever we require is complete then definitely we’ll give them a licence and they start operating,” Asaba said.

He also added that Uber is one of the many that have approached them for a licence. "Uber is one of the many to taxi-hailing service providers that have approached them with enquiries on details of acquiring an operating licence," The New Times wrote.

Among those interested include Safaricom-backed Little. Kamal Budhabhatti, CEO of Little, was quoted saying that they are in "discussions with a local partner to bring Little in Kigali.”

While Yego Innovision Ltd, the owner of Yego Motos was already given a green light to launch Yego Cabs. “In taxi cabs we have Yego Cab, which was licenced recently. It has [a] licence for both motorcycles and taxi cabs," Asaba revealed.

If both Uber and Little go ahead and launch in Rwanda, this will be the 9th and 3rd market for each respectively. Taxify will likely follow suit.

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Additionally, the government of Rwanda earlier this year announced a partnership with Volkswagen. The partnership would see VW assemble cars from the land-locked country and use the same for ride-hailing services.

A while ago, someone posted on Quora wondering "Why is Uber (or other taxi-hailing apps) not in Rwanda?" Well, perhaps their question has been answered.

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