You can now record your phone calls using the Truecaller app

Caller identification app Truecaller can now support call recording for Android users. This was announced on the app support site"Call recorder is finally here," reads part of the announcement.

True Caller said that the feature was built as a response to user demand. "It's a feature request which we see every day," they wrote.

With the new recorder feature, users will be able to record conversations with the 'unknown' callers and the company says that this will help users to curb and “report harassment related or fraudulent calls.”

The feature is currently available for 14 days free trial to enable one find out if it is supported on their device or not. After that, it will only work when a premium user dials or receives a call.

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Truecaller isn't providing an option for users of the feature to store their recordings to the cloud. The only available option for now is the device one is using - not even the SD-Card. Though these could be around the corner once the feature proves successful.

Currently, it is only available to devices running Android 5.0 and above. It is clear why TrueCaller is android focused. The company is primarily in emerging markets where android usage dominates.

However, it won't work for certain phones. This includes all Nexus devices and Pixel devices as well as Android 7.1.1 devices, and Motorola G4. Additionally, the feature won't function if you have any other call recording apps on your phone.

Call recording is an essential facet of business for parties that want to keep track of voice calls such as interviews or specific instructions from someone.

That is why this feature is going to be useful for those doing sales or things that require them to make calls on the go. Though True Caller believes that the feature will assist users in “keeping track of important conversation with business and colleagues.”

Founded in 2009, True Caller sources data from its users and then gives all the people in its network the ability to know who has called them without limit.

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