Transforming Fintech Services Through Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

The Panelists will be:

1. Hilda Moraa - Pezesha

2. Leonida Mutuku - Intelipro

3. Christian Kakoba - Bithub

4. John Karanja - Bithub

Discussion Points

- How are Africa’s financial firms and FinTechs creating value from these technologies?

- Are cryptocurrencies about to go mainstream?

- Should banks be investing in cryptocurrencies?

- To what extent are banks adopting and developing blockchain technology?

- Will blockchain replace many of the common intermediaries in the payments industry?

Objectives of the event

- Brand Awareness of Moringa School

- Get applicants for prep, core, and cybersecurity

Target Audience

- Software Developers

- Fintech Enthusiasts

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