The Daily Brief: Tunisia's drones in agriculture project, Cowrywise set for YC Demo day

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  1. Cowrywise accepted into YC

What happened: Nigerian fintech startup was accepted into Y Combinators Summer 2018 batch, which means that they'll go ahead and pitch at YCs coming demo day. According to Techpoint, this comes just a week after they announced a $25,000.

Why is it important: This comes at a point when YC is increasingly admitting African startups into their batches. From Afrostream (2015) - which has since closed shop to Flutterwave, Paystack, Kobo360, Tizeti and more. They have admitted at least 13 startups operating in or with African roots to-date. You can check them out here. Additionally, YC has opened its startup school which is a 10-weeks course. See more details here.

Techpoint: CowryWise joins the ranks of Nigerian companies accepted into Y Combinator

2. Startup Grind is back to Zimbabwe

What happened: Global startup community, Startup Grind, is coming back to Zimbabwe according to iAfrikan. The event will feature EcoCash CEO, Natalie Jabangwe.

Why is it important: iAfrikan says that the event is making a return. That is good news itself alone. But, more important is that payments are to be made by EcoCash and the speaker is the CEO of EcoCash. This is an interesting event seeing that it is coming at a time when EcoCash's system just crushed a few weeks ago and got its users stranded. It will be interesting to find out what Natalie has to say.

iAfrikan: Startup Grind is back in Zimbabwe

3. Mobile Money interoperability coming soon to Rwanda

What happened: According to The East African, Airtel Rwanda, Tigo Rwanda and MTN are seeking regulatory approval to roll out cross-network services like their counterparts in Kenya and Tanzania.

Why is it important: Mobile money subscribers in Rwanda can expect lower transaction costs and convenience as telcos move to integrate their systems. This also means that harmonizing transactions internally in all East African countries could mean the next step is harmonizing all telecoms in East Africa.

The East African: Mobile money transfers across networks coming soon to Rwanda

4. ScholarX selected for global ed-tech accelerator

What happened: Nigerian startup ScholarX has been chosen as one of five participants in the global WISE Accelerator, a programme aimed at developing innovative ed-tech startups.

Why is it important: This comes at a time when Edtech is on the rise on the African continent. Just a few weeks ago, Injini - an edtech incubator - announced its second cohort of 8 startups selected from across the continent. Ugandan edtech startup - FundiBots - secured additional grant funding.

Disrupt Africa: Nigeria’s ScholarX selected for global ed-tech accelerator

5. Tunisia to launch drone project

What happened: Tunisia is set to launch the pilot of a project aimed at using drones in agriculture. This is will take place on Thursday [26/07/2018] at a ceremony in Tunis.

Why is it important: According to a press release from AfDB, they are looking to streamline agribusiness in Tunisia to increase efficiency. It also comes at a time when many across the continent are trying to use drones for various purposes. Plus, according to Osarumen, The Lagos State Government tweeted that it signed an MOU with drone company Zipline (of Rwandan fame) to provide supply chain solutions in the health sector.

Digest Africa: Tunisia set to launch the use of drones in agriculture pilot project

Note: I erronouesly wrote Rwanda instead of Zimbabwe. That has been corrected.

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