TEDxNakaseroWomen is Back, Here is Everything You Need to Know

TEDxNakaseroWomen has been organized since 2013 when the very first event was held in Kampala. The event is will take place on the 9th of November this year at Mackinnon Suites. This will be the fourth TEDxWomen event happening this year.

It will feature the live stream as well as local speakers and entertainment. TEDxNakaseroWomen is independently organized around the live webcast of TEDWomen.

Among these shall be a suite of short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations, and performances on a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration and wonder aimed at provoking conversations that matter.

The event is being organized by Prossy Kawala (the licensee) supported by a team of volunteers.

"We believe that TEDxNakaseroWomen is a meaningful and timely platform for the people of Kampala to engage in ideas worth spreading, to learn and hear about innovations that often times nobody notices and to steer conversations that stimulate debate for development," says Prossy Kawala.

The theme this year is Bridges. The event will, therefore, explore bold insights as well as personal stories and perspectives that offer bridges across race, background, belief, opinion and the differences that divide.

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TEDxNakaseroWomen Speakers come from a range of professions and innovative sectors, some of which include: Business and Entrepreneurship, Health, Media, IT, Fashion, Entertainment, Education, Mentorship and a lot more.

In 18 minutes or less, the speakers will each share their Idea worth Spreading. These talks are recorded and later, an edited version uploaded to the TEDx website.

"We have always had a diverse audience; passionate, open-minded, people who believe in the power of ideas worth spreading. It is a community of thinkers, dreamers, and visionaries who engage in authentic dialogue and take the platform as an incubator for new ideas and experience sharing," Prossy added.

Since 2013, five events have been held. Four of these are TEDxWomen events and one a TEDxEducation event. The total number of speakers so far (up to 2016) is 40, though nine are lined up to speak at this year's to bring the total to 49.

The youngest speaker on the TEDxNakasero stage featured last year called Bonita Murungi, an author aged 12 years old. On the other hand, the oldest speaker on stage is Tolofisa Gubya, a food nutritionist, aged 84 years old

Several other people have graced the staged including Victoria Sekitoleko (Former minister), Jackie Asiimwe (Lawyer), Maggie Kigozi (entrepreneur), Carol Beyanga (Monitor publications), Agnes Igoye (Deputy Chair of the National Prevention of Trafficking in Persons office-Uganda). And, you can find all the 40 talks uploaded online.

The list of speakers for this year's event is not fully out. However, Betty Ogiel Rubanga - a girl empowerment activist, and Aidah Bukubuza - a tech entrepreneur are confirmed.

About TED and TEDx Events

TED is a global foundation devoted to Ideas worth Spreading which started out in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Since then, its scope has become ever broader.

With its two annual conferences, video website TED.com, initiatives and community projects, TED is now a platform and a global movement focused on meaningful change through the power of ideas.

TEDx was created in the spirit of TED's mission, Ideas worth Spreading. The program is designed to give communities, organizations, and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue.

At TEDx events, a screening of TEDTalks videos is done. This is combined with live presenters and TEDTalks videos spark deep conversation and connections.

TEDx Organizers are not hosting events for political reasons, monetary reward or personal gain. They are doing so because they truly believe in the power of ideas to change the world.

TEDx events are open source, local and community-driven events that inspire innovation, thought leadership and visionary insight.

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