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Hi all,

I would like to thank you for being a part of Digest Africa. Some of you have been with us from the very start - on March 1, 2017, while others have joined us along the way.

We started Digest Africa (as Startup Digest Africa) close to two years ago with the goal of organizing data and information about Africa's technology companies. During the same period, we have unsuccessfully experimented with multiple ways that we thought would enable us to achieve the vision sustainably. In the end, we had to abandon most of them as they did not fit into our objectives as a company.

Since founding Digest Africa, one thing remained clear to us - we never wanted a business model that compromises the quality of what we offer. That is why we put so much emphasis on a business model that would contribute to our vision both in the short and long-run. We, therefore, decided that we would only generate revenue in a way that incentivizes to constantly improve the product itself.

I am therefore happy and confident to announce that - in a bid to serve you better - we are introducing Digest Africa Subscription Packages as a way to allow you to continue enjoying our products as well as guarantee sustainability on our end. We shall roll out the packages over the course of the coming 11 months starting with February 2019.

The packages are; Basic and Premium (for now) as well as Corporate (later). Below is the description of the packages that we shall launch in Q1.

1. Basic Plan - $49/month (billed monthly)

We shall launch the basic plan on February 01, 2019. The target is founders, investors or corporates who are looking at keeping an eye on Africa's high-growth early stage tech companies on an individual basis. With the package, you will be able to get access to;

  • Exclusive articles: Overtime, we have built a reputation for digging deeper for stories that you are not likely to find anywhere else. We also break most of the stories about funding thanks to our automated tracking systems.
  • Advanced Filters: We are building the most abundant resource of technology companies, investors and accelerators across Africa as well as the deals they are involved in. With our advanced filters, you will be able to navigate the above seamlessly.
  • Weekly Research Briefs: We recently introduced a new segment called Digest Africa Research Briefs. The overall aim of the segment is to give an in-depth overview of a particular area or player in Africa's technology ecosystem. Overtime, which is in the near future, we shall look at releasing multiple research briefs a week.
  • Unlimited Access to Deals: Africa's technology space is witnessing more deal activity than ever before which has, in the end, made it harder for one to keep an eye on each and every one of them. With our deals section, you're able to find out about the deals as they happen or even catch up later.
  • Unlimited Access to Database: As pointed out, we are building the most abundant database of companies, investors and accelerators. We also ensure that the data is not only up-to-date but complete. Currently, we have over 1000+ deals by 1000+ early-stage companies across Africa. We also have data about 250+ investors and 50+ accelerators.
  • Monthly Funding Summary: Given that we track deals in realtime, we have the ability to quickly summarize the activities on a monthly basis. You will have access to this summary.

2. Premium - $499/month (billed monthly)

The premium package is targeted toward researchers, journalists, investors and corporates who are seeking a more in-depth understanding of Africa's high growth early-stage companies as well as those backing them. This package will go live in March 2019 and will carry along the following benefits - on top of those at the Basic Plan Level;

  • Tracking Panel: You always want to separate the signal from the noise. The tracking panel will allow you to keep an eye on what matters to you in terms of activities relating to companies, deals and investors.
  • Customized Feed: The ultimate goal is to turn our feed into the homepage for all stories about Africa's technology space. Yet, with the customized feed, you are able to only have stories about topics that interest you.
  • Data Export: After using filters, you can export your data to Excel, CSV or Google Sheets to carry out your own analysis.
  • Monthly Reports: We are looking at giving an in-depth understanding of Africa's technology space by releasing a report once a month focused on different topics. As a premium subscriber, you will access each of those reports at no extra cost.

Although we have introduced the above packages, it doesn't mean that you won't be able to access Digest Africa at all unless you're a paid up member. Some of the brief articles as well as press releases will be available to all Digest Africa users - paid or not. You will also be able to access our free weekly newsletter and the top 10 latest deals.

We hope that you will join us on this journey and contribute to organizing information and data about Africa's early stage and technology companies.


Pk Malinz, Co-founder & CEO

Digest Africa.

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