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What is Teheca?

TEHECA is a patient care firm and launched its operations in 2015. It later got incorporated in Uganda in January 28th 2016.

Its main objective is to provide compassionate, caring and qualified patient care assistance and personal care aides for the sick, elderly and special needs. However, it has since grown to add onto its already existing line of services, post natal and psychiatric care services to the Ugandan community from both home or in hospitals.


The Teheca team believes that it is impossible to be in two places at the same time. When you have sick loved one at home or at hospital, you would want to be cork sure that they are in the right hands when you personally can't be there for them.

Finding the right person to entrust your loved ones with is a nerve wrecking experience. You have to worry about whether they are the right fit, qualified or if they will be caring enough.

In Uganda, medical professionals are spending less and lesser time with their patients. This sometimes results in the patients feeling neglected.


Funding and Incubation

Tehecaa got seed funding from the government of Uganda and UNFPA through Outbox -which is our incubation hub - for the maternal and reproductive health program. The seed funding came with upto four months of mentor-ship through boot camps.


  • In July 2016,Teheca opened their offices in Mutungo
  • In September 2015 they were selected among the many SMEs in Uganda to enroll for six months training by Orient Bank/Makerere University Business School.
  • The team also won the up Accelerate challenge which was organized by Outbox Hub


Currently, the team is introducing a new service in the eyes of Ugandans. However, the user response is still low because people still have a tendency care taking can only be done by relatives and friends.

Team Members

  • Daniel Ruyonga, co-founder and Lead at Teheca
  • Asha Namugambe, Co-founder and Managing Director 
  • Nabagala Caroline, Administrative Assistants
  • Mrs. Lorna Mugambe Nanyanzi, Head of Care Team


Teheca is a good idea. But, as they hinted in their challenges, Uganda is yet to appreciate such a service. Given the extended family type of nature we currently have, one can easily pick a relative - who is unemployed - from the village to come and take care of their elderly mother, father or relative in need.

Therefore, enough awareness has to be done to change mindsets of people. Masses need to believe that they need a professional rather than just any other person to help their relatives in need.

You can download the Teheca App here.

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