Startup Profile: Arvana - Get a Digital Address Today

What is Arvana?

Arvana is a mobile application that gives anyone, anywhere the ability to generate a digital address using a smartphone. The goal is to create addresses that are easily searchable, shareable and usable in multiple use cases.

The application uses the phone’s GPS to acquire the user’s precise location (coordinates) and the generated address is attached to these coordinates. In order to enhance the accuracy usability of these addresses, the application allows for provision of more information to increase the visibility of a place i.e. adding administrative boundary information, adding photos and adding directions.


It is the intention of the creators of the app that it helps in quicker delivery of emergency services especially to slum areas with poor road network and no physical address. It is also intended to support the spurring growth in e-commerce platforms as well as courier and postal services companies in the country. It gives the buyer an opportunity to order for anything online knowing it'll be delivered to them.

[caption id="attachment_485" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The address format generated by the Arvana App[/caption]

Funding & Incubation

Currently, Arvana is being incubated at the Makerere University School of Public Health Resilient Africa Network (RAN) Innovation Lab which is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Many thanks to RAN for availing us SEED funding, Mentor-ship, Capacity building, Diverse training including Human Centered Design training among others.

The Arvana team has also benefited from RAN's network of partners e.g. the team receives legal help at no cost courtesy of a partnership between them and RAN. As of the beginning of February 2017, Arvana is being funded by an additional seed grant awarded by Total via Total Campus.

Arvana has so far received funding in excess of USD 11,700 largely in form of grants. Broken down as follows; $ 5,000 YSiG Grant award from RAN and $ 6,700 Team Total grant from Total


So far, Arvana's achievements have been winning the $ 5,000 YSiG Grant award from RAN, the $ 6,700 Grant from the Total through Total Campus as well as  finishing among the Top 22 teams at the 2016 UpAccelerate Programme.

Team Members

  • Edmond Atto - Team Lead
  • John Kagga - Technical Lead
  • Raymond Natukunda - R&D Lead
  • Tinah Ashaba - Business Dev't

Final Thought

Arvana is a good idea but i think they still have a big job ahead of them. With a competitor like google maps - which, obviously is more popular and innovative - they need to present an easier and better solution. The Arvana team needs to show that they understand the local environment more than anyone else.

Secondly, i don't think having my address as a code in the format of #KMP0000 is cool - at all. I would love to have my address in either my name or a place near me - to be easily located.

Download the unreleased version of the Arvana App on Google play here.

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