Startup of the Week: Qwicart - Reliable, Convenient and Fast Online Grocery Shopping

Qwicart is a mobile application that facilitates online grocery shopping from supermarkets.

Grocery shopping can be a tedious and time-consuming engagement for a typical shopper. Usually due to long checkout queues, traffic jam, added to the hassle of finding what you are looking for. The brains behind the Qwicart Application have managed to turn this into an easy, hustle free timely activity, with a lot of focus on user insights on products and the shopping process, plus with the convenience of delivery and scheduled picks.

What stands out about Qwicart is that it's a very data-driven concept whose focus is not merely to impose a new shopping avenue. But to the most, improve and make what is already existent more efficient, convenient, and simple!

After almost a year in development & iteration,the Qwicart app was released onto both Android and IOS app stores. They have now partnered with a couple of chain supermarkets; such as Italian Supermarket, Jazz, Supermarket, Kenjoy Supermarket, Quick Pick Supermarket, Woodland Supermarket and other strategic partners.

Qwicart app also enables clientele order processing and accurate doorstep delivery of clients' grocery.

Qwicart has locally based investors who choose remain anonymous for now. It is based at the Space Hub on Bukoto Street Plot 69 Kamokya, a space created to help small businesses incubate and scale into the market.

The team behind Qwicart includes many functioning and silent contributors with Joshua Mugisha as Founder and Director-user acquisition, Moses Byaruhanga as Co-founder & Director-supermarket acquisitionand process management, Phillip Mukasa as a Partner - Directs in-store operations and people management, Roland Byagaba: Social Media/Content Lead, Simon Kyambadde: Digital Lead, Andrew Kintu: Finance Consultant, Eric Mugarura: Legal Consultant, and Kola Studio: Product Development.

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One of the challenges Qwicart has come across is with Supermarkets. They lack effective inventory management systems that can harness digital solutions for better optimisation. They are also working on successfully on-boarding every supermarket across the country while also strategically exploring entry into other markets.

With a team of almost 20 people, Qwicart is building a business that will provide lasting solutions both from a convenience perspective but also community transforming. Remember to download the app her for either Android or iOS

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