Startup of the Week: International - Digital Health company

Quality healthcare is essential. Current infrastructure and traditional models do not provide the necessary access and quality to ensure good health outcomes. But, with ICT infrastructure is rapidly growing in Uganda and across Africa, technology solutions - especially mobile - tailored to the environment can create healthcare efficiency at lower costs.

Founded in 2011, International is providing mobile tech solutions  in emerging markets like Uganda. It is a digital health company committed to improving access to quality healthcare.

Composed of an international team of healthcare professionals, software developers, and social entrepreneurs, leverages mobile and cloud-based technology to strengthen the patient-provider relationship through affordable and usable tech solutions that meet global standards of excellence. International offers an integrated patient engagement platform tailored to markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. It offers solutions for both the provider and the patient side of the health system and focuses on outpatient engagement needs. They do this with 2 key features;

1. amHealth

amHealth - this is a health provider solution for patient engagement, practice administration and data management. It enables patient queue management (check-in scheduled appointments and add walk-in patients in one seamless queue), payment tracking, internal communication and prescription from management among other tasks.

[caption id="attachment_1354" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Appointment's calendar enables automated appointment reminders, patient notification of schedule changes and multi-practitioner calendar. Appointment's calendar enables automated appointment reminders, patient notification of schedule changes and multi-practitioner calendar.[/caption]

A medical facility using amhealth can increase revenue, patient satisfaction, cost savings and health outcomes. It works anywhere there is a device – mobile, tablet or desktop – and connection, regardless of the size of practice, clinical specialty or information system.

2. Gozee

Gozee - this is a free web app that connects users with health facilities and pharmacies in the area.Through Gozee, health consumers can search from thousands of health facilities and pharmacies by location, specialty and payment method to find a healthcare provider that meets their needs and then request an appointment booking at amHealth facilities.

[caption id="attachment_1356" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Gozee - web app feautre Gozee - web app feature[/caption]

So far amHealth is used at approximately 125 health clinics, supporting nearly 1,000 health practitioners and reaching nearly two million patients across Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. While the consumer application Gozee will launch officially later this year but the Beta is live and includes information on 11,500 doctors and health facilities in Kenya and Uganda.

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On the challenges faced while operating, Sarah Yelpaala - Director Marketing and Strategy at International said;

While seed and angel funding opportunities have grown substantially for African companies over the last five years, there is still a dearth of investment focused on growth stage companies who have a proven solution and model and are seeking capital to scale.

For International, participating in the digital transformation in Africa for the last five years has been and continues to be truly remarkable. They have been part of a growing and evolving space of digital health in Africa and seen changing behaviors around the way consumer engage health online and the way providers engage patients. International is a private company that has raised a seed and Series A round of investment. Its offices are located in Kampala, Nairobi and Denver, USA.


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