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Startup Grind wants to revive its defunct African chapters

Startup Grind

Startup Grind, a global startup community, is currently looking to revive its defunct African chapters.

Early this week, they sent out a couple of emails to its subscribers. The emails pointed out that they were looking for different people to lead their different chapters.

“Do you miss Startup Grind Kumasi? Here’s your chance to revive this community, because we are currently looking for a new Chapter Director in your city,” read one of the emails.

Some of the chapters where they are looking for chapter directors included Cairo, Isolo, Port Louis and more.

But, they seem to have been successful in identifying the director for Cairo. This is because a day after sending out the email, they sent another email saying that they had identified two directors.

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“We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Hessain Almenawy & Farouq Hassan as Directors of Startup Grind Cairo,” wrote Startup Grind.

Earlier this year, Startup Grind Harare was also revamped and they hosted the CEO of EcoCash at their inaugural event. While Startup Grind Kampala was revamped last year but later went under as there are no more events.

Startup Grind has three forms of chapters and these depend on the scale of the city or whether the chapter is at an institution.

“There are 3 types of Startup Grind chapters; one for larger metro areas, one for smaller cities and one for universities. Each has its own set of requirements,” Startup Grind points out.

Across Africa, entrepreneurs and developers are creating communities as well as networks that they use to connect, learn as well as stay in touch with each other. This includes Facebook Developer Circles, Google Developer Groups, forLoop Africa and more.

The above have enjoyed impressive success. Yet Startup Grind has struggled to impress beyond the South African market.


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