Startup of the Week: Coupon Book - a Low Cost Advertising Ugandan Startup

There's been a need for low cost advertising that hadn’t been addressed over time and hence grown over due. Coupon Book is here to enable all businesses regardless of their industry to have affordable advertising services at  their disposal.

With the Ugandan Market being rapidly responsive to products as opposed to services, Coupon Book primarily solves the problem of consumers not benefiting from the advertisement loop. So the coupon book integrates both of them (products and services) seamlessly as a cross vendor platform and yet still a saving tool for consumers on their expenditures.

The coupon book is a smart marketing tool for vendors providers looking to connect directly with their target clientele. Allowing for brand visibility to grow with their distribution policy as well as their reach.

[caption id="attachment_1494" align="aligncenter" width="885"]Some of the discount coupons fro different vendors in the coupon book. Some of the discount coupons fro different vendors in the coupon book.[/caption]

The startup offers discounts and promotions, as dictated by the vendors, to end users of the book when they purchase products and services from the business entities that rent space in the book as vendors.

Such vendors also get the chance to ultimately determine the sales they make by advertising with the platform. With this, the coupon book is being the first of its kind advertising platform in Uganda that gives power to vendors to experience the above explained benefits through keeping track of coupons they receive.

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Currently the startup has over 1800 subscribers with the number expected to increase to at least 2500 by the drop of the 3rd issue in July 2017. The Coupon Book is also planning to release a mobile app that will enable convenience for both vendors and consumers.

 Next year, we anticipate to have a brick & mortar, click & mortar mechanism working in tandem by having the physical coupon book operating in conjunction with the mobile application and website as we give our clientele a triple boost in terms of audience all rapidly scaling to give them a rock solid unmatched brand awareness and sales drive effect - Keith Ashaba, General Manager Coupon Book.

One of the challenges Coupon Book faces is making masses both the consumption and business world community appreciate and embrace the innovative concept of how the coupon book operates.

Keith Ashaba says encouraging consumers to buy sold copies of the book makes it hard to convince them that the “spend money and save money” concept actually works.

The Coupon book is a win-win for both vendors and finals users. The vendors get more traffic or customers while the customers get affordable prices, promotions and discounts. You can register/subscribe here and got yourself a copy.


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