Spanish delivery startup Glovo expands to Kenya after Egypt and Morocco


Glovo, a Barcelona based logistics, e-commerce and delivery startup, has expanded to Nairobi Kenya. This comes after they recently launched in Egypt and Morocco.

The Spanish startup is currently testing its operations in Westlands and Kilimani according to Marek Zmysłowski. Though, apart from that, there are no any other indicators of their launch in Kenya.

Glovo is a hybrid of e-commerce and logistics. Look at it as a marketplace for independent riders - called Glovers - and products - called Gloves. Call it an Uber for products and riders. Or a Jumia that doesn't own the riders.

That way, they allow one to order anything - a phone charger, food, a smoothie, a hot meal etc - and have it delivered.

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So far they have signed up merchants for some of their sections. Including supermarkets, restaurants and cafes. Naivas, Burrito Bar, Debonairs Pizza and Savanna Coffee Lounge are some of them.

There's no doubt that Glovo is likely to become the key competitor to Jumia. Given that they are offering services that compete with Jumia in all verticals. Except for travel.

Founded in 2015, the startup has raised at least €152.1 million in total funding to date from six funding rounds.

In July this year, they raised their latest round - a €115 million Series C from Rakuten, Seaya Ventures and other existing investors. So far, it has one acquisition under their belt - Foodinho, an Italian food delivery startup.

With the expansion to Kenya, Glovo is now present in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Egypt, Morocco and Kenya. Though it might not be long before they decide to roll out the service to neighbouring Uganda, Tanzania or even Rwanda.

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