Senegal's Shopmeaway Raises $100k From State-Supported Startup Fund

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Shopmeaway, a tech-enabled logistics company, provides delivery services for customers in Senegal who order from international online stores. The company is one of four startups selected in the inaugural cohort for Délégation Générale à l'Entreprenariat Rapide, a new initiative implemented by the government of Senegal in 2018 to support entrepreneurs in the country.

Currently making deliveries in Dakar for online orders that were shipped to Shopmeaway offices in the United States, France and China, the investment of 65 million FCFA (approximately 113,000 $) will fuel the expansion of the logistics service to additional cities, implementation of new features for the Shopmeaway website and launch of Click & Collect, a new e-commerce platform for local SMEs across Senegal that will allow users to search for products by region.

“I am very happy about our new Click & Collect platform. It will give small artisanal producers access to a

broader market. The synergies with Shopmeaway on the last mile deliveries and payment processing for these smaller suppliers will boost both our activities,” says Racine Sarr, Shopmeaway CEO and Co-


Founded in 2015 by Sarr, Chimere Diouf and Amadi Cissé, Shopmeaway has bootstrapped its way to profitable traction with more than 6,500 orders in 2018, including from Amazon, which accounts for about a third of the orders received from Shopmeaway customers.

For 2019, using data and analytics collected from past orders, Shopmeaway plans to improve the ordering and reorder process for users and build strategic partnerships that will aid the expansion.


Shopmeaway is a Dakar-based logistics startup that makes it easy and efficient for customers in Senegal to order from and receive packages from online shops shipping to the United States, France and China.

Providing local addresses in each country where goods can be delivered, Shopmeaway consolidates orders for delivery, by plane or boat, to Senegal, where packages are dispersed to customer’s homes, offices or convenient pick-up points across Dakar. For more information, visit

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