A round up of Africa's Seedstars competition winners since 2016

In a tour which covers 21 African cities, delegates from Seedstars travel across Africa attending events as they scout for “the best startups” in each of the ecosystems.

The 10 best startups from each city are invited to pitch in front of an investment panel and compete to be crowned the most promising seed-stage startup of Seedstars for that city.

The winning startup later joins the global Seedstars Family and takes part in the regional and global Seedstars Summits.

Here’s a full list of the past competition winners since 2016:

Seedstars Harare

2018: RERA - an online platform that provides an opportunity for retail consumers to farm their own poultry produce, using an End-to-End farming service.

2017: myRunner - a bus booking app that allows you to track and book a bus on its way. The app has a ‘Live Tracking’ feature that knows the exact location of a bus in real-time.

2016: Dr. CADx - a computer-aided diagnostic system to help doctors diagnose medical images more accurately and save lives.

Seedstars Accra

2018: Cowtribe - a cloud-based demand aggregation and supply fulfillment platform that allows farmers to virtually team up to order vaccine from bulk suppliers.

2017: AgroCenta - a trading platform that empowers smallholder farmers through technology and innovations, through eliminating exploitative buying.

2016: Chalkboard Education - an inclusive mobile application that allows African institutions to make their training programmes available to any mobile phone user.

Seedstars Kigali

2018: Benefactors - a factoring firm offering unsecured working capital products, for increased SME resilience, growth and job creation.

2017: PikiWash - an automated motorcycle washing system that offers affordable cleaning and maintenance services to motorcyclists.

2016: Kasha - a sale and delivery service provider of women's health products confidentially, with the use of any type of mobile phone.

Seedstars Cairo/Alexandria

2018: 7keema - an online platform that enables clients to get instant or scheduled nursing services at their home to be matched with the nearby skilled nurse.

2017: WideBot - a bot builder platform that allows one to build their own artificial intelligent chatbot without any coding.

Seedstars Tunis

2018: Optimalogistic - a real-time marketplace for logistics services designed for transport providers to share real-time data and position.

2017: Favizone - a SaaS solution designed to automate conversational commerce and customer service through multilingual and multichannel virtual assistant.

2016: Evey - a web and mobile platform that helps community managers realize real-time surveys with automated data analysis.

Seedstars Casablanca

2018: Weego - a collaborative app that allows it's users to move easily with public transit.

2017: Hooplacar - a platform that connects brands with drivers to create on-vehicle advertising campaigns, live-monitored through GPS tracking and marketing KPIs.

Seedstars Dakar 

2018: 7th September 2018

2017: MaTontine - a platform that provides access to small loans and a range of financial services like micro-insurance to the poor in Francophone Africa.

2016: Wutiko - an online web and mobile platform that offers online recruitment services.

Seedstars Nairobi

2018: 7th September 2018

2017: M-shule - a tool that uses artificial intelligence and SMS to deliver personalized, accessible education.

2016: iNuka Pap Ltd - a mobile platform that provides rural Kenyans access to instant micro-loans and ability to send savings via the mobile phone.

Seedstars Gaborone

2018: 14th September 2018

2017: YAPILI - a peer-to-peer web platform and Android App that offers Africans connection to doctors for health advice.

2016: Bua.Space - an online space that bridges the communication gap between consumers and suppliers.

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Seedstars Dar es Salaam

2018: 21st September 2018

2017: Nefrids Africa - the authors of Simu bima, a distribution model that allows access to Mobile Phone Insurance across the region in Africa allowing access for all

2016: EdgePoint Digital Ltd - a mobile micro-health insurance product for the low income and informal sector population.

Seedstars Kinshasa

2018: 21st September 2018

2017: Youdee - an online real estate platform that checks and rates dealers, and offers a tailored catalog to customers.

Seedstars Maputo

2018: 28th September 2018

2017: TABECH SERVICOS - who make funeral services accessible virtually accessible on a mobile phone and facilitation of payment without the use of the internet.

2016: BlackBox TV - a combined VOD multi-platform Software and a Wireless Box.

Seedstars Lagos

2018: 5th October 2018

2017: Medsaf - a technology platform where hospitals and pharmacies can purchase and manage their medications in one place.

2016: Kangpe - a platform that allows Africans to discuss health issues quickly and confidentially with verified doctors 24/7 via SMS, Mobile App or Web within minutes.

Seedstars Luanda

2018: 13th October 2018

2017: Tupuca - an online delivery service that allows users to order from various restaurants, supermarkets, and pharmacies straight from their smartphones.

2016: Wi-connect - an initiative that creates Wi-fi Hot Spot zones and rents out the digital space in the user authentication page.

Seedstars Douala

2018: 12th October 2018

2017: GiftedMom - an AI-based remote medical support platform that provides health information access in emerging markets.

Seedstars Abidjan

2018: 27th November 2018

2017: CinetPay - a mobile money payment gateway that federates all the mobile money in Africa.

2016: Etudesk - an eLearning platform where we collaborate with experts to develop enterprise-oriented courses adapted to local needs.

Seedstars Addis Ababa

2018: 30th November 2018

2017: LangBot - a chatbot that emulates a personal language tutor and uses proven techniques like gamification & spaced repetition to help users learn faster

2016: Hulubet - an online event marketplace and event management system that helps you find events based on your interest, sell and manage your ticket.

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