SafeBoda unveils new offices and logo

Yesterday, SafeBoda unveiled it's new offices and logo to the public. Before, the ride-hailing company's offices were in Kyebando, near the Bahai temple. But, they have now moved closer to town. Their new location is Plot 1 Bukoto Street in Kisementi. A few metres from Acacia Mall.

Speaking to Maxime Dieudonne, a co-CEO, he told me that one of the reasons for relocating was to come nearer to town. This, they hope will help them attract and keep top talent. Especially engineers. "It has been hard for people to join us after seeing the location of our previous offices," Maxime said.

SafeBoda has its headquarters and all engineers in Uganda. Yet developers are synonymous with working late hours. Maxime believes the new office location will favour their late-working hours.

Though maintaining their signature orange, the company switched logos. The old logo was the word SafeBoda in an oval. The new one looks like two intertwined opposite-facing helmets.

Started three years ago, SafeBoda has become the average outgoing Ugandan darling. Judging by how many express their love through Twitter. It was also demonstrated by the number of people that turned up for the relaunch.

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Among the notable ones was Hip-Hop artist Navio and businessman Patrick Bitature. Radio presenters Judithiana and Rudende from Radio City and XFM were also present. The latter went on to MCEE for the night.

Ricky Papa Thomson, a co-founder of SafeBoda, addressed the press first. He narrated his captivating story of how the ride-hailing company started.

Apart from the new offices and logo, the company also announced the Yo City Ride campaign. A year-long series of events aimed at shining a light on all that is great about Kampala.

Bukoto street, and Kanjokya street are becoming the ideal location for technology startups. Andela, at the beginning of the year, also relocated to the Bukoto street.

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