The Daily Brief: SafeBoda launches academy, and more

It's been a slow week, with not much of exciting activity. But, here's a roundup of the activities that have happened across the continent in the past 24 hours.

1. Kenya Ranks Top Globally in Web Traffic Generated by Mobile Devices

Kenya has the highest rate of web traffic generated from mobile devices as of January 2018 according to data from market research portal statista. Ranking first with 83 per cent, Kenya was ahead of Nigeria (81 per cent), India (79 per cent), China (61 per cent), and Poland (59 per cent). Kenya’s rate of webpage views is higher than the global average of 52.2 per cent. Full story on Kenyan Wall Street.

2. Investec, Crossfin concludes Series-A round with SA chatbot service Atura

Atura, an automated chatbot for asset management companies, has landed an undisclosed Series-A investment from Blue Garnet Investments, an investment company that counts Investec and local investment fund Crossfin among others as investors. The deal was confirmed earlier this week by Atura CEO Paul Cartmel. Atura is a separate company owned by Cape Town software firm New Media Labs (NML), which was founded in 2007. Full story on Ventureburn.

3. Explaining the High Cost of Remittance to African Countries

The World Bank recently released a study report with findings that the cost of remitting cash to African nations is higher compared to other continents all over the world. The report indicates that for every 200 dollars sent to Africa, a charge of 12% as remittance fee is imposed. Full story on TechMoran.

4. Toro Orero quietly walks away from his CEO role at Nigeria’s Zone Tech Park

Toro Orero quietly walked away as CEO of Zone Tech Park, a new venture builder for start-ups in Nigeria which was officially opened for business in Lagos last month to turn great ideas into products and services quickly, efficiently – and profitably. Full story on TechMoran.

5. Safeboda launched academy to professionalize boda-bodas

Yesterday [13/09/2018], Uganda’s ride-hailing startup, SafeBoda launched their training academy to professionalize Boda Bodas. Ricky Papa – a co-founder, pointed out the importance of the centre. He said that it is a part of their ‘revamped sustainable program’ aimed at “improving safety standards among new and existing SafeBoda riders.” Full story on Digest Africa.

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