Research Brief: Africa-focused fund managers raised $1.094B in 2018

Research Brief: Africa-focused fund managers raised $1.094B in 2018

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Africa's early stage and certain technology companies face the often life-threatening impediment of inadequate access to seed and early-stage funding. Fortunately, a number of developments that took place last year indicate that the trend is changing. Throughout 2018, according to the Digest Africa Index, 16 fund managers raised or committed funds through 20 deals from 60 investors. The total raised amounted to $1.094 billion with Nasper's $314 million commitment coming off as the highest and MTN Uganda's commitment of $250,000 as the smallest. Amongst governments, only Rwanda and South Africa - across the continent - announced funds dedicated to either early stage or technology companies. The European Investment Bank was the most active Limited Partner, participating in five funds. }

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