6 key reports that'll give you a snapshot of the African startup and tech ecosystem

A lot of startup activity is happening across the African startup ecosystem. Yet it is too fragmented for one to keep track of everything. That's why these reports will be of help to those that struggle to understand it.

Though not harmonized, combining findings from them will give you a clearer snapshot. This will help you make better and more informed decisions. We have included only reports focused on startups and technology.

Please note that while as some are free, others are for buying.

1. Breaking the pattern report by Village Capital

Mid last year, Village Capital released the Breaking the pattern report. It attempted to explain why "there are a few household Digital Financial Services names in the regions of India and Africa."

One of the key findings was that 72% of startup funding in East Africa went to three companies in the past two years. It was also found that other companies have struggled to fulfill a full round. You can find the report [PDF] here.

2. Venture Finance in Africa by VC4A

This report explains "the critical success factors for African Ventures." Published by VC4A, Venture Capital for Africa, the report came out in July 2017. VC4A says that the report was based on "inputs from our annual survey of foundes and investors and data collected from the VC4A.com platform."

One of the key findings was that a great team is the number one factor in building a successful venture. "Our analysis clearly reveals that a strong team of founders is the key driver of venture success in Africa," the report says. You can find the it [Slideshow] here or get access to the research findings at a fee.

3. Imagine Africa 2030 by Intellecap

Released last year in February, it explores the technologies that are likely to shape Africa's tomorrow. The report identified Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Robotics and 3D Printing as the key technologies that harbor the potential to create exponential impact in the African context. You can find the report [PDF] here.

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4. African Tech Startups Funding Report 2017 by Disrupt Africa

The annual report gives focuses on funding received by African technology startups. This is the third report Disrupt Africa is releasing since it started publication. Last year's report pointed out that African tech startups raised funding more than US$195 million in 2017. This was up 51% compared to 2016, with the number of startups securing funding also increasing to 159." You can find the report [paywall] here.

5. Fintreks by Intellecap and East Africa Venture Capital Association

Fintreks was released last month and it focuses on the East African region. That's Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Plus some bit of Ethiopia.

The report explores the funding options currently available for the fintech sector. These range from debt offering, grants and equity provision. It attempts to trace back the evolution of FinTech on one of Africa’s early adopting regions, East Africa and covers the views of various voices in the ecosystem. You can find the report [PDF] here.

6. Partech Analysis 2018 by Partech Ventures

This too is an annual report and like the Disrupt Africa report, it keeps track of venture capital. It is by VC firm Partech Ventures. In this year's report, the highlight was that African tech startups raised USD 560 Million in venture capital funding in 2017. This was a 53% year on year growth. You can find more details of the report here.

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