Yamzit announces its platform to help businesses reduce the cost of keeping customers happy and simplify how they manage day-to-day activities.

Meet Yamzit, a software company that has designed a business solution to help businesses like restaurants, salons, gyms and spas to reduce the cost of keeping customers happy while simplifying how they manage their day-to-day activities through a multifunctional management tool that combines a loyalty program, point of sale, appointments and payments into one software package. 

With the loyalty program feature, Yamzit’s platform provides businesses with a cost effective means of keeping customers happy. Instead of relying on offering discounts— which reduce business profits, the platform offers a more sustainable solution where customers earn points for every purchase and redeem them for rewards based on their purchase history. Yamzit’s loyalty program also helps businesses deliver better experiences to their customers through the personalized rewards which keep customers coming back for more purchases and eventually leading to increase in profits.

It is in fact proven that loyalty programs can help businesses increase profits. According to a study by Harvard Business School, if a business keeps its customers coming back 5% more often, it can increase profit by 95%. Find more information about Yamzit’s loyalty program here.

Yamzit’s point of sale is much easier to use and more affordable compared to others on the market like QuickBooks POS. It does not require business managers to have financial or computer skills to set up— eliminating the high cost of hiring an expert. To start using it, a business owner visits yamzit.com, creates an account, registers their business, adds items or services offered and starts selling. The company also offers free training and reliable support to help new users set up their accounts. In addition to simplifying how businesses record sales and monitor expenses, Yamzit’s point of sale lets business owners manage multiple locations in one account, accept mobile money payments and it integrates with Yamzit loyalty program so that businesses can reward customers directly through the point sale. Visit yamzit.com/point-of-sale for more about Yamzit’s POS.

The best part is that Yamzit offers business owners and managers one dashboard that they use to track sales and monitor expenses in real time, see customers they are about to lose and connect with them, measure employee performance, view and export reports like profit analysis, cash flow statements and employee commissions from anywhere.

COVID-19 has accelerated the rate at which businesses are adopting technology to increase efficiency and improve customer experience; however, it has also significantly reduced their incomes causing business owners to be more price-sensitive than ever in a bid to keep costs low. To help businesses cope with these challenging times, Yamzit is offering their point of sale free for 7 months and their loyalty program at a 50% discount. New users get a free trial for 30 days and only pay when they see the value from the platform.

“Starting a business is very complicated and attracting customers is expensive, we believe that managing it should be simple and retaining customers shouldn’t be expensive. Our customers come to us because they are looking for a cheaper way of keeping their customers happy—without compromising on the experience they offer and also want a simpler way of managing day-to-day activities like recording sales, monitoring expenses, measuring employee performance and getting paid. We have designed our platform to be very easy to use for every business owner. It takes 10 minutes to set up an account on our platform and there’s no need to spend money on hiring an expert. Our goal is to simplify how people manage their businesses” said Gasta Kevin Opondo Co-founder and Business Operations Lead at Yamzit.


Yamzit is a software company that builds business tools to help SMEs reduce the cost of customer retention and simplify how they manage day-to-day activities. Understanding that SIMPLICITY is the key to EFFICIENCY, we design our tools to be easy to use for every business owner.


Phone number: 256705577705 / 256783386417

Email: info@yamzit.com

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