Nigeria's early-stage fund Microtraction announces second investment this week

Microtraction, a Nigerian early-stage fund, has announced an investment it made in Allpro. "We are excited to announce ’s investment in Allpro," tweeted Yele Bademosi, Microtraction's founder, and current Managing Director.

"Allpro is building the future of school management and financing on the continent," he added, because "the Education sector in Africa has the highest number of SMEs and is chronically underfunded."

According to Yele, Allpro is an "end-to-end lending platform for schools in Africa making education affordable and credit accessible for schools, parents, and teachers."

The startup was founded by Henry Nnalue who currently serves as the CEO as well as Angela Essien as the COO.

Currently, Allpro is in "30+ schools, with a waiting list of over 90 schools". Additionally, they "have processed $1.4m in fee payments and have north of 12,000 students on the platform."

The investment in Allpro is the second Microtraction is announcing this week after the one of Though, Yele promised to announce another before this week ends.

Overall, once the third investment is announced, the total of Microtraction's investments - to date and this year - will come to 5. That is Cowrywise, Bitkoin,, Allpro as well as the one he will announce.

However, the fund isn't divulging any details regarding how much and the terms of the investments.

Though, when launching the fund last year, Yele hinted at the fact that they would be investing around $65,000 in early-stage startups.

"Initially it will offer startups US$15,000 for a 7.5 percent equity stake, followed by an additional US$50,000 convertible note at a US$1 million valuation cap in companies that show significant progress," wrote Disrupt Africa last year.

But, a lot of changes happen along the way when running a venture or a fund. Therefore, there's no guarantee that Microtraction hasn't adjusted the terms from what they thought they would do last year.

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