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Sector: Education
Country: Ethiopia
Founders: Nati Gossaye, Rémi Veyrier, Isaac Nwokocha
Funding: $40,000
Founded: 2017
Investors: Injini


Despite several economic recessions in the past, the game industry has been growing and evolving. Official statistics show that 51% of U.S household owns a dedicated game console and those that do, own an average of two. Gamification in education aims to make learning more engaging and appealing to a public audience and goes beyond traditional learning methods as traditional learning tends to be boring. Many organizations have borrowed the main tools and concepts from games to motivate people. LangBot Technologies is a startup specialized in the creation of language teaching chatbots. The startup's MVP won $20,000 from Facebook's messenger bot challenge and its Beta was launched in December 2017 getting over 200,000 users who've had about 12 million interactions with the bot. It has since secured partnerships from Alliance Francaise Addis Ababa, French Embassy in Ethiopia and Institut Francaise in Paris as well as acceleration and incubation from Injini.