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KAINO Africa

Sector: Education
Country: Uganda
Founders: Lyndah Kembabazi, Alfred Opio
Funding: N/A
Founded: 2018
Investors: N/A


In Uganda, just like in most parts of Africa, the education sector is slowly failing to deliver to the 21st Century needs. This is partly because the teaching methods are old-fashioned and books are not only inadequate but those that are available are not always used effectively. For example, at primary and sometimes secondary levels many students leave school without having mastered required levels of literacy and numeracy. KAINO Africa is an inclusive education platform that leverages technology to transform how teachers deliver lessons across Africa. The startup’s model doesn’t seek to replace the teacher, instead, place technology in the hands of teachers in Africa bundled with training and support. They secured a partnership with SIPRO Educational Services - publisher of education material in Uganda and launched their MVP tab mid last year. Other partners they signed last year ranged from Hillside Naalya, MK Publishers, RS Publishers, Fountain Publishers, KORTEXT to Ridgeway Primary School.