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Sector: Blockchain
Country: Mauritius
Founders: Nathaniel Tsang Mang Kin, Suryani Chang
Funding: $170,000
Founded: 2017
Investors: Jonathan Evrard, Ka'resh Eswar


Regulatory integration and mainstream adoption depend highly not only on the implementation of Know Your Client (KYC) but also Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CFT) processes, which are difficult to conduct when all cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous and decentralised. IAME is a tech company engaged in the development of a decentralised fragmented identification system for the blockchain ecosystem. By leveraging the IAME Identification Network, individuals can successfully verify their identities without having to disclose sensitive information to the other parties within a transaction. The startup raised Angel investment from Jonathan Evrard and Ka'resh Eswar last year.