MTN Announces Application to its Second App Challenge Edition

The MTN APP Challenge is a 3 day event in which local innovators come together to create Mobile Applications for use on Mobile devices i.e. Phones & Tablets. MTN Uganda, in partnership with Outbox Hub and Garage48 launched the MTN App Challenge in 2015. The event brought together 100 brilliant minds to turn ideas into technology innovations.

The challenge is back again! This was announced by MTN Uganda on its twitter page. In the press release, MTN talks of Outbox as the only partner this time round. However, they have maintained the events 3 day duration. The event's target is students and non-students from all over the country.

This edition, registration will be in teams. Each team should comprise of at-least four individuals and a maximum of five (5) with the following skill-sets/roles: UI/UX creative designer, software developer, marketer and project manager. A maximum of up-to twenty (20) teams shall be selected to participate

  • M-Health:  Apps to access health services from the Phone
  • M- Media & Entertainment: Apps to enable Entertainment on the phone: e.g Music, Games, Images, etc
  • M-Education: Apps that extend consumption of education on the phone
  • M-Finance: Apps that extend a type of financial services to low income segment via the phone
  • M-Agriculture: Apps that support the Agriculture industry 

There will be Awards to recognize participants in the following categories:

  • Best M-Health App: An original concept to address a key need accessing health services in Uganda and a potential to be used by many individuals
  • Best M-Education: App with the most potential to address a need in the Education sector
  • Best M-Media &Entertainment: Most original concept for Entertainment on the phone
  • Best M-Finance: Original concept in extending financial services to low income segment via the phone
  • Best M-Agriculture: Original concept in enabling Agricultural services on the phone
  • Overall Winner: out of the winning Apps in the categories above, this is an  Application identified as most aligned to MTN's current objectives in Enterprise, Consumer, Financial and Digital services
  • Audience's Favorite: this application will be chosen by the audience as the a favorite

The 2015 edition winners were:

  • Best M-Health App ($2,500):

    Name of App: Run For Your Life

    Team Leader: Adeline Tushabe

    Run for your life is a 3D mobile game built to create awareness about HIV, other chronic diseases and general health care. It facilitates delivery of health information by letting users answer some questions to redeem their game-life as the play a mobile racing game.

    Failure (while playing) gives you questions while success gives you various tips.

  • Best M-Business ($2,500):

    Name of App: Yoza

    Team Leader: Nicholas Kamanzi

    Yoza is an Android App that provides laundry services to people who needs them. It targets single youth between 18 and 30. They’ve listed a number of service providers and will use the app to connect them to people who need the app.

    The app utilizes “Yoza Credit” which is a coupon system (loyalty program) to encourage people to use the services.

  • Best M-Entertainment ($2,500):

    Name of App: Common Sense

    Team Leader: Ssali Emma

    The app challenges you by getting you to answer questions and you win points for all correct answers. The points can be used to win tangible products based on the sponsor you chose to play for.

  • Best M-Finance ($2,500):

    Name of App: MamboPay

    Team Leader: Charles Muhindo

    MamboPay is a coupon-based payment solution that enables individuals or organizations to send funds to various beneficiaries in terms of coupons. Coupons are tied to a specific purpose and can only be redeemed at partner service providers for that specific purpose.

    It can facilitate payment for health services, for example, by letting a sponsor generate a fixed-value coupon to be redeemed at any of the registered health service providers.

  • Audience’s Favorite ($1,000):

    Name of App: Dawa App

    Team Leader: Duncan Sanya

    It’s an app that provides access to patient’s medical information on the go while allowing a patient to dial a health professional at any time and from anywhere.

  • Overall Winner ($2,500):

    Name of App: Yoza App

Applications to the challenge close on 28th April 2017 and the successful candidates shall receive an official communication on 4th May 2017 by either phone call or email. The MTN App Challenge will take place from 12th May  to 14th  May 2017.

As to why the event wasn't held in 2016 and how far winners of the previous edition have gone, we shall keep you updated once we get feedback from the the organizers of the challenge.

Apply to the MTN App Challenge by clicking here.

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