Meet the Ugandan Engineers Working with Andela - Episode 2

In July this year, we published profiles of Ugandan software engineers currently working with Andela. This was in a bid to appreciate Ugandan talent as well as encourage others (especially female engineers) to take up more of such positions.

We are following this up with profiles of other Ugandan software developers with Andela. These joined for this years cohort - which Andela callled Cohort 1. Here're the profiles of Daniel Sebuuma and John Seremba.

[caption id="attachment_2341" align="aligncenter" width="2560"] Daniel Sebuuma[/caption]

Name: Daniel Sebuuma

Age:  28

Area/Course of Study: Bsc. Computer Science

University:  Makerere University

Field of expertise: Web/Mobile development

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Django, Vue.js, ReactJS, Angular 2 and Android

Joined Andela: 5th June 2017

Project: I have just finished working on an Andela project called Health checks. A simulated Django web application for network and IT systems professionals that automates monitoring the systems they are charged to keep an eye on. The web application can be setup to send regular alerts on platforms like emails, Telegram, WhatsApp e.t.c whenever said monitored systems go down. Currently I am upskilling in ReactJS, Angular 2 and Docker

  1. What prompted you to apply to Andela?

I was looking for a challenge. I desired, strongly, to level up my skills. I saw a great opportunity in Andela in working with a diverse group of companies from all over the world. This to me meant unparalleled exposure to new technologies and accessing the latest trends in software development.

  1. What is the most exciting experience you've had at Andela so far?

An application that required me to learn and use Angular2 in 3 weeks, a framework, that I had never interacted with before. It was hectic but I pulled it off. It's gratifying to say that I learnt and built something new in just 3 weeks!

  1. Where do you see yourself a year from today and how does being part of Andela help you get there?

One year from now I will be working with Andela's partner clients and I know I will be doing an excellent job. Beyond that, I desire to be a tech entrepreneur and will have a network of 300 developers in Andela to tap into for inspiration and connections. That is a pool of unparalleled talent which I know will work wonders for me in the future.

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[caption id="attachment_2342" align="aligncenter" width="800"] John Paul Seremba[/caption]

Name: John Paul Seremba

Age:  24

Area/Course of Study: Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering,

University:  Makerere University - Kampala Uganda,

Field of expertise: Full stack developer, Python & Angular2

Joined Andela: 5th June 2017

Project: I am currently working on internal Andela apps. The first is Wger workout manager an online system that enables users to create and manage flexible workout routines for any goals they have.  It also enables users to create  personal diet plans after which the nutritional value is assessed. It also has features of gym management where workout plans of different members are tracked and which muscles/body parts are worked out by a particular exercise.

  1. What prompted you to apply to Andela?

From my childhood I was interested in computers and later on software development. Then I came across Andela, a company that was employing people to transform them into world class developers.  An opportunity presented itself, I chased it hard.

  1. What is the most exciting experience you’ve had at Andela so far?

Andela commits itself to ensure your success and growth as a developer. Andela to me doesn't feel like a normal company. Its family. The people here are brilliant and there is always someone ready to give you support when you're stuck, and you get to learn something new everyday.

  1. Where do you see yourself a year from today and how does being part of Andela help you get there?

I see myself as a senior software engineer and mentoring other developers to become amazing at what they do as well. I used to dream of working with leading companies such as Google and Facebook; here, this dream is a reality.

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