Dr. Davis Musinguzi, from The Medical Concierge Group
Dr. Davis Musinguzi, from The Medical Concierge Group

The Medical Concierge Group, a Ugandan company that enables 24/7 medical consultancy through call centres has introduced an online search option.

Launched in 2012, the company has been hailed for its medically related innovations. So far, the company has won Google Africa Connected Award and UCC ICT4D Award in 2014 and Ericsson Excellence Award for Innovation, Microsoft 4Afrika and Deutsche Telekom Innovation Awards in 2013.

Going by the video posted on Youtube, the company introduced the services either in January this year or late last year. In the video, it says that one can now visit search.tmcg.co.ug to find doctors and other specialists, hospitals in their locations, ambulance services, medical insurance and other.

The company gives the user a diverse range of options to choose from. For example, the category of Medical Insurance Services which allows one to “search for which hospitals and clinics are accepted under your health insurance” has over 500 entries.

I personally find the service for medical insurance relevant given that one-day I travelled from Kisaasi to IAA on Ntinda Complex only to be told that they hadn’t started accepting Jubilee Insurance cards. I had to go to AAR.

Another scenario happened when I went to Ibanda and Iganga districts mid last year. I had to hop from one clinic to another asking for one that accepts Jubilee insurance.

Yet, I doubt most of the areas may be relevant. For example, despite having over 600 entries, I don’t think someone would use the platform to simply search for a pharmacy. Unless it is specifically recommended by a doctor or another person.

Perhaps, the only way that option might become relevant is when they list some rare drugs that people can’t easily find in their neighbouring pharmacies. Otherwise, Uganda – even at Village level is populated with Pharmacies. Though some may not be up-to-standard, they still service the respective communities they’re in.

Teheca, another health-related startup, offers patient care services. Through their application, one is able to find a healthcare assistant.