The Innovating Justice Conference Kampala 2018 is slated for this Friday

The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL) is pleased to announce the Ugandan finalists for its Innovating Justice Challenge 2018 and the Innovating Justice Conference due 28th September 2018 at Hotel Africana.

The annual Innovating Justice Challenge is a key part of HiiL’s mission to seek out and

support entrepreneurs and innovators working on ways to help people prevent or resolve their most pressing justice needs.

Through the Challenge, HiiL identifies organizations which prove scalable, sustainable solutions to justice needs and will benefit from a mix of seed funding and support through its Justice Accelerator programme.

This year, HiiL received more than 400 applications to the Innovating Justice Challenge,

which were assessed with five criteria in mind: impact, sustainability, scalability, uniqueness, and team.

“This year’s challenge is the most exciting,” says HiiL Uganda’s agent, Brian Ndyaguma.

“Although the overall number of applicants didn’t add much, the quality of innovations has greatly improved. The year’s innovation submissions also address justice challenges in more fields like prisons, refugee camps, employment workplaces among others.”

Additionally, HiiL involved external mentors to assess applications based on feasibility, social impact, and institutional roadblocks of their justice innovations. This year’s Ugandan finalists are:

  • Bataka Court Model: Bataka Court Model BCM is a community based informal

    Justice Model, that provides an alternative justice mechanism to enhance access to

    justice for the poor.

  • Tunga Innovations Ltd: Tunga Innovations Ltd is an app that informs users about

    their employment rights. E.g leave days both annual and maternity, overtime rates,

    and notice before resigning or being terminated.

  • Yunga: Yunga is a local rescue digital network for neighbors, that allows them to

    communicate with each other in real time in case of attack.

  • Via: Via is a conversational legal voice assistant, that utilizes artificial intelligence to

    give legal information on the go and recommends a lawyer thereafter.

  • BitShelter: The BitShelter system is an interactive system that disseminates, shares,

    and displays legal information including images, video, text, and audio in real time.

  • JusticeBot: JusticeBot is a chatbot that provides access to legal procedures

    information and services, to Ugandans in needs of legal service and justice.

  • LegIT: LegIT is a self-service platform that enables micro, small and medium

    enterprises to generate legal documents conveniently, efficiently and affordable in

    three easy steps!

  • Prison Officer Legal Empowerment (POLE) Model: POLE empowers prison

    communities and the poor with the law. It aims to be incorporated into the training

    curriculum of prisons.

  • ZZIMBA GAMES: ZG is simplifying the justice ecosystem by simulating Ugandans

    experience through an entertaining card & board game, that mirrors their

    environment and subsequently empowers them.

  • Muchomo Moments Ltd: Muchomo Moments Ltd uses videos to break down the

    law to the masses in relatable languages, through local video shacks.

    Finalists will be invited to a special training Bootcamp day on 28th September in Kampala, after which they will pitch their ideas to an expert panel of judges at the Hotel Africana.

Uniquely, each component of our Justice Innovation Programme in Uganda will showcase its work and share insights with the audience and experts. Among others, we will highlight and discuss some of our initiatives like the Justice Dashboard, our stakeholder work around Family Justice and our Call for Innovations.

This event annually brings together our partners and experts from the Swedish Embassy, Justice, Law and Order Sector, Uganda Prison Services, Judiciary, Innovation Hubs, Makerere University and many more. Besides the opportunity to meet some of the country’s most innovative justice entrepreneurs you will get a chance to know more about our 3 year Justice Innovation Programme.

For questions, interview requests, sponsorship queries or more information about the

Innovating Justice Challenge, please contact Brian Ndyaguma (

HiiL (The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law) has been based in The Hague since 2005, and want to provide for people’s justice needs worldwide using innovation, creativity, and knowledge. Its goal is that by 2030, 150 million people will be able to prevent or resolve their most pressing justice problems.

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