GrowthAfrica Moves Offices to the Innovation Village

GrowthAfrica, a company that organizes accelerator programs to help pre-scale companies seize and develop business opportunities in Kenya and East Africa, has moved its Ugandan offices to the Innovation Village in Ntinda.

They'll be located on the second wing of the Innovation Village commonly referred to as "The Bureau".

Previously, the offices were located at Venture Labs in Bugolobi. Though we suspect the decision to move might be because of what Johnni Kjelsgaard, GrowthAfrica CEO referred to as a "conducive environment" at the Innovation Village in our interview with him a few weeks ago. He went

He went ahead to say that it is good for their day to day operations as well as holding sessions for their cohorts.

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Just two weeks ago, they concluded a 5 day Bootcamp for their Ugandan cohort, which - not surprising - was held at the innovation village.

By moving to the Innovation Village, GrowthAfrica will be joining Andela, !nnovate Uganda, IntelWorld, FinAfrica, Panya, KolaStudios, Britech, Milima Technologies, ENVenture, Leo Africa Institute, Challenges Worldwide and Open Sustainability Institute.

We hope this can result in more synergies and partnerships that will benefit entrepreneurs and their startups which eventually should impact the entire ecosystem.

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