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DEMO Africa announces the 5 startups to tour Silicon Valley next year

Photo: Demo Africa

Photo: Demo Africa

The 7th edition of Demo Africa closed last week at the Studio Arts des Vivants in Casablanca, Morocco. It was here that the five winners for the 2019 edition of the [email protected] Innovation Tour were announced.

The selected startups, out of the 30 finalists, are; Chefaa (Egypt), Khourtim (Morocco), VertoFX (Nigeria), Hawkar (Tunisia) and Complete Farmer(Ghana).

Founded in 2017, Chefaa helps patients to order and pay for medicine online. Khourtim, founded in 2018, is a logistics startup. VertoFX, a decentralized B2B currency liquidity provider and price discovery marketplace.

Hawkar is building smart electric cars for people with reduced mobility and Complete Farmer is making farming easy by letting you manage your farm from anywhere.

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These will travel to Silicon Valley for the 2019 edition of the [email protected] Innovation tour. They will also continue to advance various aspects of their venture creation activities.

Last year’s winners were; ConnectMed, Sortd, MediaBox, Solstice HES, and Strauss Energy. These took part in the [email protected] Innovation Tour in Silicon Valley in February this year.

These attended Startup Grind Conference, connected with the local ecosystem and also pitched to investors. Though, before that, they are prepared for the tour through a series of learning activities over a two-month virtual boot camp.

The [email protected] Innovation Tour is organized by the African Technology Foundation while the DEMO Africa event is sponsored by [email protected] and Microsoft alongside other local and Pan-African partners including Accenture, and Atijjariwafa Bank.


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