The Daily Brief: IFC wants to invest $3M into Nigeria's Kobo360, and more

The IFC wants to invest up to $3 million into Nigeria's Kobo360. While GreenTec Capital is on a roll. The German-based investors announced their investment into Namibia's PEBL today. That and more in today's brief.

The facts and fictions about innovation and technology hubs in Africa

Jumanne, a former hub manager at Tanzania's Buni Hub and currently the CEO of Sahara Ventures, says that there's so much hype in Africa's tech startup ecosystem. The solution? Less talk, more work. And, less talk, more work. Full details on Digest Africa.

GreenTec Capital has invested in Namibia’s PEBL

GreenTec has no doubt been among the most active investors in the past investors. From Parcel-IT to Bismart to ARED to Wazi Vision, and more, to now Namibia's PEBL. But, as usual, no further details were provided regarding the deal. Full details on Digest Africa.

The IFC is considering a $3M equity investment into Nigeria’s Kobo360

The International Finance Corporation – a sister organization of the World Bank and a member of the World Bank Group – is considering making a $3 million equity investment into Nigeria’s Kobo360. This is according to the document we have seen on the IFC’s website summarizing the investment details. Full details on Digest Africa.

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