Company LinkedIn pages now carry CrunchBase insights

Company LinkedIn pages now carry CrunchBase insights


Last month, LinkedIn announced a new outlook for company LinkedIn pages on the platform. According to LinkedIn, they rebuild the pages from the ground up.

The aim was to make it "easier for brands, institutions and organizations to foster meaningful conversations".

Among the changes introduced was linking company pages with CrunchBase insights.

"As part of the relaunch, we’ve worked closely with CrunchBase," the company pointed out. They integrated the "relevant funding insights and key investor information directly within a company’s LinkedIn Page".

"Now, LinkedIn members will be able to see Crunchbase insights directly on the LinkedIn Page for any company that has an active Crunchbase profile, providing members with quick access to a more complete company profile in one location."

For long, LinkedIn has been one of the primary sources of information about companies.

But, this hasn't always been enough. One could only find the year of founding, employees size, location and the description. With this integration, there will be information about a company's funding history.

"For job seekers, knowing funding information can help validate interest in a company as an employer. Sales and business professionals can also get a snapshot of a company’s trajectory to better prepare for any upcoming meetings or discussions."

[caption id="attachment_8130" align="aligncenter" width="1787"]LinkedIn Company Page CrunchBase CrunchBase Insights will appear on the right side of the company's about section.[/caption]

Currently, the redesign is only available to a limited group, but the company is planning to roll it out completely in the next 12 months.

"We are rolling out this integration to members with their settings set to English starting on the desktop over the next few weeks, and will be expanding both globally and to mobile in early 2019."

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