DigestAfrica is a fast-growing Next-Generation MediaCcompany with a highly influential media platform, unparalleled energy and a team that is bringing many across the world up-to-speed with the African Startup Ecosystem.

Are you tech/media-savvy, looking to do things business unusual and always ready to go the extra mile, please reach out to us on [email protected] to find out the available positions. Alternatively, you can check our job board. We publish all our jobs there.

However, we are regularly looking to hire for the following positions;

  • Content Writers
  • Researchers
  • Photographers
  • Programmers
  • Data Analysts

While as we appreciate the love from all around the round and we would love to work with someone anywhere, that’s not possible currently. We are only hiring for our Kampala, Uganda office.

Why join us?

  • Be part of an energetic, skilled, loving and pleasantly awkward team that is plotting to take over Africa.
  • Work on media seen by hundreds of thousands.
  • Learn about cutting-edge technology and startups before everyone else, just don’t tell anyone.
  • No stuffy corporate structure. No horrible bosses. We provide an open working environment where you can grow and thrive.