BeneFactors Ltd named winner of Seedstars Kigali

Seedstars Kigali took place last evening and BeneFactors Ltd emerged the winner. The factoring company now joins the list of winners from across Africa that'll travel to Switzerland for the Seedstars World Summit early next year.

BeneFactors Ltd is a "factoring company, providing tailored working capital solutions to firms. Factoring is a financial service, where future payments from your buyers are sold to a third party, the factor for cash."

"We can work with pending invoices or purchase orders for delivery.  This means that you can continue working even if your buyers take a long time to pay or take on more clients at the same time - allowing you peace of mind as you grow your business."

The event took place at the Westerwelle Startup Haus in Kigali, Rwanda's capital. The competition had 8 other participants who were mainly early-stage ventures.

This included Tiva Motos, Blaiva Fablab, BAG Innovation, The Einstein, Comparisol, Ejobu, Favouriapps, and Raisin Ltd.

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The judges were; Barret Nash (co-founder SafeMotos), Claudia Makadristo (Seedstars regional manager for Africa), Crystal Rugege (Director of Strategy and Operations at CMU Africa), Tanya Mulamula (Founder of Studiored), Guido von Westerholt (Programme Manager for Westerlle Startup Haus) and Ephraim Rwamwenge (Founder of Rwa Business Group).

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