Antler Global Q1 & Q2 Investment Update

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Global early-stage VC firm Antler Global has announced its investment in 58 startups across seven countries in 2020. This backing comes at a critical time for most startups as they try to stay afloat, bringing the firm’s total investment in global tech so far to $25M. The usual ‘in person’ selection of this cohort was concluded over virtual solutions and increased functionality on its digital hub for its founders as result of the ongoing pandemic. 

Founded in Singapore in 2017, Antler’s mission is to fundamentally improve the world by enabling and investing in the world’s most exceptional people building the defining companies of tomorrow. It has since invested in and helped build 175 early-stage startups including Cognicept, Story Antics, EnlightEd, Way, Fusedbone, Scouta, several of which have received follow on funding from blue chip VCs like Sequoia and Golden Gate.

In an email to Digest Africa, Antler confirms the 58 startups that have received funding are from seven cities (London, Singapore, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Nairobi, Oslo and Sydney) and operate in over 20 sectors including FinTech, Deep Tech, Food Delivery and Gaming. Out of the entire lot are Kenya’s very own: ChapChap Go, Digiduka, AIfluence and AnyiHealth. Important to note is howly highly they apprise diversity among their portfolio companies with over 40% of these startups co-founded by a woman and all founders representing upto 60 nationalities. 

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Sixteen of Antler’s existing portfolio startups are also providing tech solutions that are helpful in addressing different aspects of the coronavirus crisis in several fields including E-Commerce, AI, EdTech, FinTech, Health Tech among other sectors. Antler provides these startups with deep business model validation and by providing a global platform for scaling their startups. 

To further their efforts in the fight against the pandemic, Antler has launched the COVID-19 Initiative, committing $500K to support upto 5 startups that are working on ideas that respond to the impact. This is followed by another announcement that they are currently accepting applications for the 3rd Nairobi cohort starting September 2020 to support more founders across the continent building the next wave of tech in Africa. 

Digest Africa urges all to wash your hands with soap, sanitize them frequently with an alcohol-based sanitizer, wear protective masks and gloves while going out into the public if need be but most importantly staying indoors to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19). 

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