Andela must be expanding to Egypt with this recent job announcement

Yesterday, Andela announced a call for applications for Senior Developers in Cairo, Egypt. Giving me a reason to believe the company is officially setting up Andela Egypt.

"Andela is launching recruitment for Senior Developers in Cairo as we continue to invest in building an elite, pan-African tech workforce," the company wrote.

If you have followed the company's expansion across the continent, Senior Developers are usually the first group it recruits. Plus, Jeremy Johnson, the company CEO, explained the role of Senior Developers at Andela in this blog post.

But, basically, these are usually tasked with training and mentoring the junior developers.

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The role requires that one is "passionate about guidance and mentorship to more junior developers." Because a senior developer is required to "serve as a mentor and technical resource to Andela developers outside of your team."

"Senior Developers serve as team leads for Andela’s partner companies around the world, and they’re critical to Andela’s mission of investing in Africa’s most talented software developers to power the continent’s digital revolution."

The company has listed a couple of reasons justifying the expansion to Cairo, Egypt. One of them is the talent pool, the ICT growth potential as well as the ease when it comes to hiring that talent.

"Over the past year, we visited and analyzed several different markets around Africa. With a competitive technical talent pool, a commitment to ICT growth, and operational simplicity of hiring in the country, Cairo was a clear frontrunner."

Last week, I reported that Andela was going to Rwanda. Yet, that and Egypt seem not to be the only country they are headed to.

The company has been looking for senior developers since the year began. That is in Ghana and Cameroon.

In fact, Andela says that they currently have senior developers in Kampala, Accra, Nairobi, Cameroon, and Lagos.

Definitely, the company must be looking to expand to Rwanda, Ghana, Cameroon, and Egypt. As well as a "good number of cities across Africa" as one of the people that seems to be familiar with the matter, told me.

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