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· Jan 10, 2019

Alibaba extends the relationship with Rwanda to the rest of East Africa

Jack Ma and Paul Kagame president of Rwanda met in October and signed a couple of agreements between Rwanda and Alibaba Group aimed at benefiting Rwandan Entrepreneurs

Jack Ma and Paul Kagame met in October and signed a couple of agreements between Rwanda and Alibaba Group.

In December 2018, we reported that Alibaba and the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) were organising a unique e-Founders Fellowship Program for Rwandan entrepreneurs. According to the notice from RDB, the program was slated to kickstart in February this year.

But, we have learnt that Alibaba is extending – what is now called Alibaba Netpreneur Training – to the rest of the East African region.

“The Alibaba Netpreneur Training Rwanda program will welcome entrepreneurs and business leaders who currently operate in the Rwandan market, as well as those from the wider East African community,” reads part of the email that Digest Africa received.

The consideration for businesses in the rest of East Africa is limited to those “who show actionable interest in expanding into the Rwandan market”.

According to Alibaba, the goal of the programme is to help African entrepreneurs learn more about the company’s story.

“The Alibaba Business School has created the Alibaba Netpreneur Training program to share the story and takeaways of Alibaba’s growth with entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world. We hope to inspire more businesses to embrace [the] digital economy, creating more opportunities for inclusive growth around the world.”

In the previous announcement, the first batch dates were from 16th to 27th February 2019, which has since been adjusted to accommodate the new applicants. The program will, thus, take place from March 2nd-13th 2019 in Hangzhou, China while the new deadline for application is January 20, 2019.

“Entrepreneurs and business leaders will have the opportunity to spend ten days in Alibaba to hear from our founders and business leaders our own experience in building the ecommerce ecosystem in China. “


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