African Fintech Unconference

Join us for two days of exciting dialogue featuring a cross-section of professionals from the global fintech sector to discuss key opportunities and challenges for fintech in Africa. The African Fintech Unconference seeks to bring together a curated group of innovators, financial institutions, financial providers, mobile network operators, financial sector authorities, investors and influencers to foster exchange and partnerships in a rapidly evolving inclusive fintech industry.

Who is AFU18 for?

Fintech innovators, financial institutions, financial sector authorities (e.g regulators), fintech investors, financial inclusion thought leaders and other industry professionals who want to:

Learn from and connect to leading financial services and fintech experts in Africa that are driving and shaping the ecosystem.

Be exposed to new, creative ideas to ensure your business remains relevant in a constantly evolving environment

Establish and strengthen collaborative networks and innovative partnerships across industries.

Engage with key financial services and fintech ecosystem peers, experts and influencers

What is an unconference?

An unconference is an open, participant-driven event. It is designed to enable rapid exchange of information and ideas, provide a space for valuable conversations and promote the development of collaborative relationships. The content is proposed and provided by the participants, and is often led and adjusted by the participants on the day of the event.

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