Scaleup accelerator Growth Africa extends cohort application deadline

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Scaleup accelerator Growth Africa extends cohort application deadline

Scaleup accelerator Growth Africa extends cohort application deadline

Entrepreneurs attending one of Growth Africa's workshops. Photo: Growth Africa

Growth Africa has announced the extension of the deadline for applications to its 2019 cohort. The new application period is until January 31, 2019.

The Nairobi-headquartered business scaleup accelerator has operations across Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Zambia. They are currently taking applications for all the above countries. And, they admit 15 entrepreneurs "with high potential to grow and create a significant impact" for each.

According to Growth Africa, their business scaleup acceleration programme is designed to help entrepreneurs scale their ventures, make them investment ready as well as develop their entrepreneurial leadership as individuals.

The programme’s first phase consists of 18 workshop days spread over six months.

The programme kicks off with a 5-day visioning bootcamp and then subsequently five 2-days workshops where they establish the foundation and equip the entrepreneur with tools to diagnose their business and devise strategies to optimise their business in all conceivable areas. This part ends with 3-day actioning bootcamp where enterprises come up with an implementation action plan for their 3-year vision.

After each workshop, the participant will work in-company with the assistance of external business experts, called GrowthAfrica growth catalysts and financial modellers. These will be working to implement the participants' new strategies and innovations – boosting their growth trajectory in significant ways.

The second phase of the programme involves 24 months of one-on-one support from the GrowthAfrica team, a pool of external business leaders and support by GrowthAfrica’s investment facilitation team.

Over the past seven years, Growth Africa has successfully run 18 programs with 180 companies involving over 350 entrepreneurs from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Zambia. They have also helped some of these companies raise over $42 million in funding and created more than 24,000 jobs in the process.