7 Ugandan Apps to Have On Your Smartphone

Smartphone penetration in Uganda has been on the rise for a number of years now and we wanted to highlight a number of Ugandan apps that we encourage all of you to install and experience. These apps are designed for a series of purposes like social, utilities, tourism, entertainment, financial services and many others.

Our criteria for selecting these apps are as follows; they must have been fully or mostly developed by a Ugandan, should be highly compatible to the indigenous lifestyle, they must be relatable and be able to create a market place for the local Ugandan. In no particular order, here are our picks;

GetMo; In case you are balling on a budget, GetMo is the ultimate app to help you look up all the coolest places around town that have the latest promotional offers. These range from bars, restaurants, lounges, accommodation, clubs and pretty much anything that is happening around town.

Matatu; This app is basically a digital rendition of the common game of cards most people used to play as children right up to today. Just like its physical version, it is also highly addictive and lots of fun especially the fact that it makes it possible to play online with players from around the world. This app is the  most downloaded game app in Uganda and definitely for good reason.

Fezah; This app enables people to book their favorite or desired artistes, bands or Djs for various events. Based on the day of your event, you are able to see which artistes are available for you to pick from, you can even compare performance fees between artists to see  which best fits your budget.

To help users who maybe on the fence about going with a particular artist, the app also enables them to listen  to samples of the artists content as well as watch them perform at past events. To top it all up, you can check the ratings of the artists from other people who have actually booked them through the app to make sure you select the best.

Yoza ; this app has actually gotten a lot of international recognition based on how innovative it is. It pairs users with people close to their area that can help them do their laundry for a fee ofcourse.

The washers are vetted right from the LC1 level which ensures security on the users end. The app also partners with laundry marts incase a user needs dry cleaning. It is currently available in Kampala only however.

Recipe Uganda; this app is like a food directory, it’s a compilation of local and staple foods in and around Uganda. In addition, it also has detailed descriptions and ingredients needed to prepare all these local food recipes. You will not regret having Recipe Uganda if you are a foodie, a cook, a chef or just a traveler.

Safe Boda; the safe boda team has recently stepped up its game with the Safe Boda app. It provides an easier way to get a safe ride back around the city. Users just have to place their current location, their destination, request for a boda and the app pairs them with the closest safe boda along with a fee for the journey.

Boda Boda’s are famous for having reckless riders so this app is a definite life saver since their riders are trained and vetted.

Pearl Guide App; this app gives a detailed coverage of all the best Ugandan attractions,outdoors, amenities, and events. With its practical advice on what to experience while in Uganda, the pearl guide app ensures a memorable experience in The Pearl of Africa.

There are so many Ugandan apps out there that haven’t made it to this list so we would like to encourage you to show some support to our home grown Ugandan app developers by downloading some if not all of these apps and others out there.

This article first appeared on Roke Telkoms Website

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