These are the 6 most active tech hubs in Uganda

Tech hubs in Uganda have been growing in number for the past 7 years when the first tech hub - Hive Colab - was set up. Since then, we have seen some come and go. The likes of Mara Launchpad and many others. Yet, many have also come and stayed. 


We bring you a list of currently the most active tech hubs in Uganda. In case you're looking for events, networking opportunities or programs to engage in. The list, though, is not ranked in any order.

  1. The Space Hub

The Space hub, previously located in Kamwokya, was founded in early 2016. It has served as home to a couple of startups including Pearl Guide, Eatout, TNS and Qwicart as well as One Africa Media’s BrighterMonday and Cheki in Uganda.

[caption id="attachment_2741" align="aligncenter" width="720"]The Interior of The Space Hub Kampala. The Hub is relocating to Lugogo bypass. The Interior of The Space Hub Kampala. The Hub is relocating to Lugogo bypass.[/caption]

Though some have left, and the hub itself relocating to Lugogo by-pass, it remains one of the most active places. (See also: The Space Hub Relocating from Bukoto Street to a Warehouse along Lugogo By-Pass)

2. Venture Labs East Africa 

Located in Bugolobi, the hub is home to both startups and mature companies. It is a mix of private offices and shared spaces. It is one of the places like-minded start-ups, technologists, and investors are able to informally socialize and support each other with ideas, relationship, and advice.

Venture Labs East Africa

Before moving to The Innovation Village, in Ntinda this year, GrowthAfrica used to hold its boot camps from here. (See also: E.A Incubators Should Push Young Entrepreneurs to Talk to “Real People” – GrowthAfrica CEO)

The hub was established by CleanStar Ventures in 2014. CleanStar Ventures is a venture development partnership that harnesses business and technology innovation in frontier markets.

Founded in 2007, CleanStar has explored, incubated and launched ventures in India, Brazil, and Africa using the process embedded in VentureLabs East Africa

3. Outbox hub

Arguably one of the most known hubs in the country, Outbox has and still remains among the most active hubs in the country. Founded in 2013, the hub has grown to be a force in the tech space in Uganda.

[caption id="attachment_2919" align="aligncenter" width="1108"]The annual Seedstars Kampala event takes place at Outbox The annual Seedstars Kampala event takes place at Outbox[/caption]

It is located on Soliz House, along Lumumba Avenue - a place it has occupied since its inception. To give you an estimate of how active the hub is, at least an event happens at the place every week.

Recently, they just closed their acceleration program called Up Accelerate. (See also: The Naked Truth Up Accelerate Programme Alumni Need to Know)

4. Design Hub Kampala

It was formerly located in Kamwokya and called The Hub Kampala. The hub has since relocated and rebranded itself thanks to a synergy between The Hub Kampala founder - Jantien Zuurbier - and Mango Tree. (See also: Former Kamwokya-based The Hub Kampala Set to Re-Launch as Design Hub Kampala)

[caption id="attachment_409" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Design Hub Kampala under renovation this year before it opened to the public. (Credit: Design Hub Kampala ) Design Hub Kampala under renovation this year before it opened to the public. (Credit: Design Hub Kampala )[/caption]

Design Hub Kampala opened this year in March. It is located in Industrial area and currently one of the most spacious hubs in the country. To give you an idea of how spacious it is, Google Dev Fest Uganda - an event of over 200 people - was held at the facility last month. The facility also plays host to both private companies as well as sharing space.

5. Hive Colab

Being the oldest in the hub game in the country, Hive Colab has witnessed the entire tech scene in Uganda evolve. In a market that has swallowed the majority of new tech hubs, one has to give respect to Hive Colab.

[caption id="attachment_2833" align="aligncenter" width="800"]SulaPay team pose with singer Maurice Kirya (centre) at Hive Colab. (Credit: SulaPay) SulaPay team poses with singer Maurice Kirya (center) at Hive Colab. (Credit: SulaPay)[/caption]

Yet, even after its 7 years of existence, the place still remains active in the Uganda's tech scene. Just recently, a team from the hub launched a payment app called SulaPay. (See also: Recently Launched SulaPay Signs an Exclusive Partnership with Local Musician Maurice Kirya)

This joins a host of startups that have gone through the hub. Including Airsave, Bakulu Power, LipaMobile and more. (See also: Is AirSave the Solution to Africa’s Unbanked Millions?).

6. The Innovation Village

Lastly, we have the Innovation Village on the list. Founded in 2015, it is arguably the most active hub in the country. It has two wings; the co-sharing space and The Bureau - which is home to local and regional companies. (See also: Innovation Village Co-Founder Invited for Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston, Africa Angel Investors Summit in Cape Town)

Some of the companies in The Bureau include Andela, Challenges Worldwide, !nnovate, Xente, Sellio, Milima Technologies, Kola Studios and more. (See also: Is The Bureau the “Silicon Valley” Ugandan Entrepreneurs have been Waiting for?).

[caption id="attachment_2362" align="aligncenter" width="5184"]A pull up banner outside the entrance to the co-working space wing of the Innovation Village. (Credit: The Innovation Village) A pull up banner outside the entrance to the co-working space wing of the Innovation Village. (Credit: The Innovation Village)[/caption]

The Innovation Village is divided into six different labs; edutech, media, fintech, agribusiness, health and climate labs. These accommodate the various startups including ProInterns, Zimba Women, Yammzit and more.

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